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Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands LCC


The Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Our Mission:

The Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands Landscape Conservation Cooperative (ABSI LCC) promotes coordination, dissemination, and development of applied science to inform conservation of natural and cultural resources in the face of climate change and other landscape-scale stressors.

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Climate Vulnerability Assessment

Annual ReportOne of our FY2013 projects is looking at the use of downscaled climate models for the Aleutian and Bering Sea region for use in vulnerability assessments. The project is a collaboration with the USGS Alaska Climate Science Center (AK CSC) and Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS).

Find out more about the project HERE.

Alaska Marine Science Symposium

Registration for the 2014 Alaska Marine Science Symposium (AMSS) is now open at The early registration deadline has passed (December 9, 2013), but you can still register online at the AMSS web site.  


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Strategic Science Plan

The ABSI LCC has completed a Strategic Science Plan to guide our activities for the next five years. A draft of the plan was available for public review and comment through September 21, 2013. The final version of the plan is now available for download.

Alaska Platform of Opportunity Portal

Alaska Platform of Opportunity Portal 

Alaska is an enormous state with few options to access remote areas of scientific research interest.  Expensive and inconvenient travel often means that individual projects devote an inordinate amount of resources simply to get out in the field. AOOS, in partnership with the Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands Landscape Conservation Cooperative (ABSI LCC), has launched the Alaska Platform of Opportunity Portal(APOP), an interactive map-based portal that displays information about upcoming research cruises in Alaska waters.

If you're planning any research cruises for 2014, please contact us to discuss serving that your information through APOP. The ABSI LCC Staff is prepared to assist with geospatial processing, and will provide you with copies of GIS data layers for your own use.

Seabirds and Climate Change

Adult puffin in hand
The ABSI LCC helped fund a second year of sample collection for a USGS-led study that looks at the role of seabirds as indicators of climate change. This study, led by Dr. John Piatt, sampled the diets of Tufted Puffins at seven colonies in the western Aleutians in August 2013.

Read more about the project and download the 2013 cruise report HERE.

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