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Steering Committee Meetings

The ABSI LCC Steering Committee (Committee) meets periodically to provide guidance and oversight to the LCC Staff.  The first three meetings of the Committee were focused on development of the LCC Charter that defines the membership and roles of the LCC constituent parts, specifies the charter review process, clarifies the governance of the LCC, and outlines its operational guidelines.  The charter was finalized and adopted on March 5, 2012, at which time the Committee elected a Chair and Vice Chair, and discontinued the use of the term "Interim."

Meeting agendas and notes for the current and previous year can be found in the document library below. Use this link to see information about meetings from earlier years.


 Meeting Documents

collapse Year : 2016 ‎(2)
SC Agenda for 25JAN2016.pdf
49 KB 1/25/2016Agenda
SC Notes for 25JAN2016.pdf
122 KB 1/25/2016Notes
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(5)
SC Agenda for 07MAY2015.pdf
86 KB 5/7/2105Agenda
SC Agenda for 27OCT2015.pdf
49 KB 10/27/2015Agenda
SC Notes for 27OCT2015.pdf
132 KB 10/27/2015Notes
SC Agenda for 27JAN2015.pdf
41 KB 1/27/2015Agenda
SC Notes for 27JAN2015.pdf
101 KB 1/27/2015Notes
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(7)
SC Agenda for 18DEC2014.pdf
46 KB 12/18/2014Agenda
SC Notes for 18DEC2014.pdf
98 KB 12/18/2014Notes
SC Agenda for 03NOV2014.pdf
50 KB 11/3/2014Agenda
SC Notes for 03NOV2014.pdf
137 KB 11/3/2014Notes
SC Agenda for 04SEP2014.pdf
50 KB 9/4/2014Agenda
SC Notes for 04SEP2014.pdf
434 KB 9/4/2014Notes
SC Agenda for 26FEB2014.pdf
226 KB 2/26/2014Agenda



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