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Steering Committee

The ABSI LCC is governed by a Steering Committee that provides guidance and oversight to the core staff (Coordinator and Science Coordinator).  It is composed of the designated representatives of State, Federal and Alaska Native entities participating in the ABSI LCC with an emphasis on field-level staff responsible for management and conservation of land and natural resources in the ABSI region as defined under the Scope section of our charter.

State and Federal agencies holding a seat on the ABSI LCC Steering Committee may be represented by up to two members.  Steering Committee members may designate an alternate representative to a Steering Committee meeting, provided the alternate has been given the information, and vested with the authority to speak for, and make decisions on behalf of, the agency being represented.  Rotation between standing members and designated alternates may occur on a yearly basis.

Governance of the LCC is detailed in the charter, which defines the membership and roles of the LCC constituent parts, specifies the charter review process, clarifies the governance of the LCC, and outlies its operational guidelines.


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