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Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS)

AOOS Web SiteAs the “eye on Alaska’s coasts and oceans,” AOOS represents a network of critical ocean and coastal observations, data and information products that aid our understanding of the status of Alaska’s marine ecosystem and allow stakeholders to make better decisions about their use of the marine environment.

The mission of AOOS is to address regional and national needs for ocean information, gather specific data on key coastal and ocean variables, and ensure timely and sustained dissemination and availability of these data.  Their goals include:

  • Support national defense, marine commerce, navigation safety, weather, climate, and marine forecasting, energy siting and production, economic development, ecosystem-based marine and coastal resource management, public safety, and public outreach training and education;
  • Promote greater public awareness and stewardship of the Nation’s ocean and coastal resources and the general public welfare;
  • Enable advances in scientific understanding to support the sustainable use, conservation, management, and understanding of healthy ocean and coastal resources; and
  • Improve the Nation’s capability to measure, track, explain, and predict events related directly and indirectly to weather and climate change, natural climate variability, and interactions between the oceanic and atmospheric environments.

The Executive Director of AOOS is Molly McCammon.

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