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Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture

The Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture uses a business model that develops partnerships between public and private agencies and organizations. Formerly known as the Pacific Coast Joint Venture (PCJV) their partners pool financial and management resources to fund and carry out on-the-ground projects to protect lowland wetland and upland habitats.  Pacific Birds Conservation Strategies include:

  • securement (acquisition, easements, agreements)
  • restoration
  • enhancement
  • management and stewardship of private lands
  • monitoring, evaluation and research
  • communication and education

The Alaska Pacific Birds partnership works to implement the goals of bird conservation plans. The primary focus is to promote and support collaborative projects that will identify and protect areas important to Alaska's bird populations.  In August 2013 the PCJV was admitted to the ABSI Steering Committee. Pacific Birds is currently represented by their Alaska Coordinator Tom Rothe.


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