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FY2014 Funded Projects

In FY2014 the ABSI LCC had approximately $120K of project funds. In January 2014 we issued a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA F14AS00054) to solicit proposals that addressed the topics of: 1) Invasive and Introduced Species; and 2) Contaminants and Pollutants. In March 2014 the Steering Committee approved funding of one project for each topic. The remainder of our funding will be used to support a workshop for the Aleutian and Bering Climate Vulnerability Assessment project that will bring together the five expert working groups to summarize their findings and results.

In addition to projects that we are supporting directly, the ABSI LCC has been successful at receiving nearly $300K of outside grant money to fund our applied science priorities.

For more information about each project, click the Project Title in the table below.


 FY2014 Projects

Sum = $99,730
Sum = $311,373
2013-02R1An Inventory of Coastal Wildlife Resources Most at Risk from Marine Vessel Incidents and Oil Spills
Wildlife Conservation Society, SNAP, NOAA/NOS/ORR
2014-01A Synthesis and Vulnerability Assessment of Terrestrial Invasive Species in the Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands
University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Natural Heritage Program, USFWS Alaska Maritime NWR
2014-02A Database for the Distribution of Potentially Toxic Elements in the Aleutian Volcanic Arc Terrestrial Ecosystem
University of Alaska Anchorage
2014-03NPS Partnership: Community Integrated Coastal Incident Preparedness
Wildlife Conservation Society, University of Arizona, Geodimensions, Inc.
2014-04Assessing Seabird Vulnerability in the Bering Sea
IOOS, USFWS, Audubon Alaska


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