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Strategic Science Plan

Strategic Science PlanIn order to focus our effort on science needs common to multiple to managers we initiated a strategic science planning process for the ABSI region in 2011.  We began by compiling over 50 existing research and management plans relevant to the Aleutians and Bering Sea.  These plans range from single and multi-species management plans to those proposing strategies for ecosystem-wide management.  Collectively, they represent a rich legacy of effort from countless resource managers and researchers. Through an analysis of these plans we have identified six landscape-scale stressors facing the region.

The Strategic Science Plan is intended to guide the activities of the ABSI LCC for the next five years, including decisions about future Requests for Proposals and project funding. The final version of the plan is available using the links provided below.

​Science Plan Documents

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ABSI L​CC Strategic Science Plan (1.5 MB)​

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Strategic Science Plan Appendices B-H (3.6 MB)


Supplemental Materials

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September 4, 2013 Webinar Slides (2.4 MB)

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Strategic Science Plan Workshop Report (3.2 MB)


For more information about the plan, contact Aaron Poe.​



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