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FY2013 Funded Projects

In FY2013 the ABSI LCC had approximately $140K of project funds. The Steering Committee and Core Staff developed a list of potential projects to address one or more landscape-scale stressors of importance in the ABSI region. At the April 10, 2013, meeting of the Steering Committee, the following list of projects was approved for funding. For more information about each project, click the Project Title in the table below.


 FY2013 Projects

Sum = $165,886
Sum = $600,775
2013-01Downscaled Climate Models
Alaska Climate Science Center, Alaska Ocean Observing System, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Washington, ACCAP
2013-02Commercial Shipping Vulnerability Analysis
Wildlife Conservation Society, Audubon Alaska, Alaska Marine Conservation Council, Oceana, Marine Exchange of Alaska, Alaska Ocean Observing System, Aleutian Islands Risk Assessment
2013-04Seabirds as Indicators of Climate Change FY13
USGS, USFWS Alaska Maritime NWR
2013-05Aleutian Islands Cultural Resources
University of Alaska Anchorage, USFWS Refuges
2013-06Analysis of Historic Seabird Diet Samples
USFWS Alaska Maritime NWR, Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, USFWS MBM, Axiom Consulting, USGS Alaska Science Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks
2013-07ShoreZone Mapping of St. Lawrence Island
Oil Spill Recovery Institute; Alaska Department of Natural Resources;  NOAA, NMFS, Alaska Region; NOAA, Alaska Collaboration Team; NOAA, National Ocean Service, Office of Response and Restoration; Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
2013-08Modeling Marine Bird Distribution in the ABSI Region
USFWS Migratory Bird Management, USFWS Alaska Maritime NWR, Aleutian Islands Risk Assessment, BOEM, NOAA


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